Italian Castle From ‘The Godfather: Part III’ Is for Sale

The Sicilian Castle from The Godfather III Is for Sale The Piazza Agostino Pennisi Acireale is a castle in Catania, Italy, that dates back to 1800.

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Fruity Pebbles Syrup Is Now Available at Walmart

The 24-ounce bottle is for sale at Walmart for $2.74 and from Walmart's website. You'll notice that the syrup isn't its typical molasses brown, but instead a pinker hue.

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Wendy's Burger Deal: Buy One Premium Burger, Get a …

Wendy's is kicking off 2022 with a pile of deals. One of the more alluring may be the chance to grab a Wendy's Premium Burger for just $1. Throughout January, you can hop into the Wendy's mobile

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The Coolest Mini Subs You Can Actually Buy

Price: $80,000 If you've ever wanted to be a shark, but are a little squeamish about Dr. Moreau-style human/animal splicing, try the supercharged, 260hp Seabreacher X to get a taste of the fish life.

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Cheap Flights to Europe: Play Offers $109 Flights to

The sale offers tickets as low as $109, but that's just for a little while. That's the price when you buy from December 16 through December 24. There are 11 …

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Wendy's Frosty Key Tag Deal 2021: How to Get Free …

Wendy's annual Frosty key tag sale has started. By Dustin Nelson. Published on 11/1/2021 at 7:19 PM. Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist. It's that time of the year.

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Town in Croatia Called 'Legrad' Is Selling Homes for 16

In an attempt to combat its dwindling population, the town put up 19 abandoned homes and empty plots for sale for 16 cents last year, with only a handful left, Reuters reports. Most are fixer

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How To Buy Illegal Drugs Online With The Darknet

3. Get some Bitcoins. To buy anything dodgy on the Internet, you'll need Bitcoins. They can be purchased at sites like LocalBitCoins. Reddit's /r/bitcoinmarkets is …

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Full Size Giant Inflatable Dummy Decoy Tank

This Full-Size Inflatable Dummy Tank Is Only $300. If you really, really wanted to, you could buy a tank. Unlike a space shuttle or something …

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Most Insane Abandoned Places in Massachusetts: Where …

The T. Boston. The MBTA is home to a network of abandoned train lines, stations, and tracks, including the streetcar loop at Maverick station, the Court Street station (closed in 1952), the lost

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American Castles For Sale Right Now

It also happens to be the state's most expensive home currently for sale. 10 Thurlow Terrace. Albany, New York Price: $950,000 Size: 10,000 square feet, 11 bedrooms, 4 …

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Best Equipment to Make Ice Cream: Machines, Tools

This one from Brentwood Appliances is currently on sale for $30 and comes with molds to make both classic cones and waffle bowls. Track down high-quality ingredients.

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Abandoned Towns in America: Deserted Places You Can Still

Founded in 1880, St. Elmo was once a highfalutin gold mining town and popular whistle-stop on the Pacific Railroad. It boasted almost 2,000 residents and more than 150 mines —plus enough inns

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Away Cyber Week Sale 2021: Bestselling Luggage and Travel

Save Up to 40% on Away Luggage During Its Second Ever Cyber Week Sale. Snag the brand’s bestselling roller bags, weekenders, and travel essentials at a deep discount. Curated By Andrea Devoto.

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Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank

History of. As you can see, the inside is maxed-out to look like a laser-tag arena. The Ripsaw has a diesel tank, churning out over 600 horsepower, and (obvious) off-roading capabilities. And

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The 12 Cheapest Private Islands You Can Actually Afford On

1. Chandler Island. Price: $39,999. Location: Maine. Size: One acre. At just over 43,560 square feet, this dinky little island really isn't that …

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Italian Village of Maenza Is Selling $1 Homes

There are about 100 neglected properties up for sale. People who don't see a home they're interested in on the website are welcome to contact the town to inquire about additional properties.

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The 24 Weirdest Food Items You Can Buy on Amazon

Canned unicorn meat. Price: $12.81. Apparently, these cans are filled with chopped-up pieces of stuffed animals. So, I guess this is just a "novelty," but it felt like an inclusion here was

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How To Buy Drugs On Amazon

Nitrous Oxide. Price: $26.49. Like most drugs, this is just a normal item that can be taken in an ab normal way. Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as whippets, gets you absolutely rekt when inhaled

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Best Bicycles Under $500: Good Brands to Buy, According to

10 Great Bikes Under $500, According to a Bike Mechanic Brands like Trek, Fuji, Cannondale, and Giant all have complete bikes ready to ride under $500.

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Japanese Government Is Giving Away Abandoned Homes for

Japan is rolling out programs to fill its 8 million empty homes across the nation. Houses are for sale for as little as $455.

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I Spent The Night With a Sex Robot, The Autoblow 2 For

The Autoblow 2 is an automatic BJ machine with an electric motor that can stroke the “member” for up to 1,000 hours. It was developed by an …

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Where to Buy Affordable Art in NYC

Best known as a home goods and furniture store, this Brooklyn Heights shop also has an impressive collection of art on sale. Pieces range from $1,900 oil-on-canvas landscapes from a New York

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Wendy's Is Giving Out Breakfast Sandwiches for Only $1

The fast food chain is offering its Sausage or Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit breakfast sandwich for a dollar. All customers have to do is show up at Wendy's breakfast hours (6:30 am to 10:30 am

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A 21-Year-Old Parmesan Cheese Wheel Is For Sale

A 21-Year-Old Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wheel Is for Sale It is some of the oldest edible cheese in the world. By Opheli Garcia Lawler. Updated on 10/29/2021 at 10:24 AM.

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'The Conjuring' House is For Sale in Rhode Island

The House That Inspired 'The Conjuring' Is for Sale For just $1.2 million, you can own the Rhode Island property and all the ghouls that come with it.

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Heisler Beer: Meet Hollywood's Most Used Fake

Studio Graphics is the one laughing all the way to the bank, though, since they now own the Heisler name. "We were the first people, according to our lawyer, that put a patent on a fake brand

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Sea Harrier Jump Jet For Sale

A used Sea Harrier Jump Jet costs just $1.5 million dollars, which is pretty damn reasonable, considering an F-35 runs about $120 million dollars, if you get the cheap one. This beautiful model in

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The Most Badass Movie Car Of The 1980s Is For Sale

A few examples were made for the movie, and one's now for sale on Craigslist for a mere $150,000. Originally, the M4S—commonly known now as the Turbo Interceptor—was a Dodge supercar concept

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The 28 Most Insane Abandoned Places in the Midwest

At nearly 47 acres with railroad access and frontage on the harbor, the colossal Milwaukee Solvay Coke & Gas site became the largest contiguous parcel listed for sale in the city of Milwaukee in 2012.

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Products Made By Prisoners

Here’s a list of 13 products that are still handmade by convicts. And who knows, you might even be sitting on, or wearing, some of them right now. 1. Protective military gear. Responsible for 60

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Best Bread Makers On Amazon: Great Bread Makers To Buy

Amazon. KBS 17-in-1 Bread Machine. $160. This bread machine from KBS takes out all the guesswork when it comes to baking. It comes outfitted with an impressive array of seventeen programmed

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Best Strip Clubs in America [With Photos]

Mary’s Club. Portland, OR. Open since 1954, when it catered to the Port of Portland’s merchant seamen (laugh it up!), Mary’s is the oldest and most iconic of Portland’s myriad strip clubs

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The 10 Deadliest Weapons on Amazon

1. The Tactical Blowgun —$26.99. Complete with a carrying sling, this blowgun requires a steady arm, precise aim, and a strong blast …

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5 Crazy Russian Vehicles We Wish We Could Buy Here

3. UAZ 452 Bread Loaf. Starting at: $6,892. Informally named after the grocery store staple with which it shares a passing resemblance, the UAZ 452 is just your average Russian-built minibus

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The Best SEMA Cars For Sale on eBay for the Week Ending

The Best Cars For Sale On eBay, SEMA Edition. By Aaron Miller. Published on 11/4/2014 at 8:10 AM ”It’s a passion or addiction.”—John Hennessey, …

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Abandoned Places in Washington: 10 Must-See Places Out

Discovery Bay. A collection of several train cabooses was abandoned along Highway 101 on Discovery Bay until 2014 when someone saw the potential for these forgotten treasures. Now, the brightly

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Classic Dodge Power Wagon Restomod 6x6 Used Truck for Sale

This Dodge 6x6 Power Wagon Is the Holy Grail of American Trucks. This is what happens when you take the Holy Grail of American trucks from the 1940s, and re-imagine, re-engineer, and recondition

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The 11 Most Insane Abandoned Places in Georgia

Georgia’s 11 Most Insane Abandoned Places. Nowadays Atlanta is actually using Fort McPherson, City Hall East, The Goat Farm, and other buildings that mostly sat around for years, but that doesn

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Mobile Cocktail Van: The Best Mobile Bars

The Cocktail Car Company. When you convert a 1970s VW Camper Van into a mobile bar and name it Olive, it easily becomes the belle of every ball. They’ll create a bespoke menu tailored to your

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Best Cyber Monday Deals on Outdoor Furniture 2021

on sale! Mimi Stackable Outdoor Chair. $230. was $329. Urban Outfitters. Buy Now. on sale! Carlisle Outdoor 3-Piece Acacia Picnic Dining Set. $608.

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Best X-Rated Movies: Adult Movies That Are Actually Good

The X rating had its 50th birthday in 2018, so we looked at the long history of X and NC-17 movies that aren't pornography to find the best of the best.

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For Sale: The Don Davis Collection's Classic Cars

This weekend, it's for sale; 64 of the most ridiculously sweet cars in the world are going to the auction block without reserve, and we've picked the …

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The 25 Most Outrageous Things To Buy On Amazaon

22. 1,500 Ladybugs - $11.08 One lady bug landing on you randomly is good luck. 1,500 in an egg drop soup container is f*cking creepy.. 21.Face Training Mask - Currently Unavailable This mask

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Vail Resorts' Winter Getaway Sale: This $99 Sale Will Let

There's no better place to be during ski seaso n than the heart and soul of it all, Vail, Colorado. And this year, a collective of resorts is hosting a Winter Getaway Sale with rates as low as $99

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Cheap Flights From Southwest During January Flight Sale

The sale will apply to tickets booked for trips between January 18 and May 18, 2022, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. One thing to note at the moment, in the season of flight delays and cancellations

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